Tokenomics audit

We conduct a thorough review of your current tokenomics, provide an actionable report summarizing our findings, and work collaboratively to implement the necessary changes.

Building credibility

A tokenomics audit isn’t a mere formality; it’s an investment in the viability and prosperity of your project.

  • Quality Assurance: Our tokenomics audit provides assurance that your token economy has undergone meticulous vetting, optimization, and certification by industry-leading experts. This is beneficial for projects seeking an external opinion before going-to market or prior to the next funding round.
  • Certification: Our tokenomics audit serves as a strong signal to investors, launchpads, and the community that your tokenomics are designed to be sustainable and robust. This opens the door to new investments, expedited exchange listings, and collaborations previously out of reach.
  • Stakeholder Protection: Our tokenomics audits are often conducted in partnership with launchpads and exchanges who want to ensure the projects they engage with adhere to professional standards and investor-friendly practices. This helps them make better investments choices and contributes to a healthier crypto landscape.

Our Approach


Leveraging our experience and past records, we analyze fundamental aspects of your token economy such as token utility, value drivers, and ecosystem participants. We then conduct a detailed evaluation of token metrics covering supply schedules, incentive systems, and reward mechanisms. Contrasting your project with industry leaders in your niche allows us to extract meaningful real-world insights and best practices. Additionally, we consider macro-factors like market sentiment, overarching trends, and projected ecosystem adoption to fine-tune your model.


Our research and findings are presented in a report which forms the basis for our joint discussion. Tailored to your project’s objectives and stakeholder expectations, this report outlines the recommended next steps to optimize your tokenomics. For projects that have already launched their token, our approach is adapted to minimize disruption for current ecosystem participants.


Upon agreeing on the required modifications, we proceed to recalibrate and optimize your tokenomics. As a final deliverable, you will receive investor-ready documentation for your refined tokenomics, including a visually appealing Tokenomics paper and an editable, quantitative model of your token economy.


Whether you are just getting started or need actionable insights for an existing project, we look forward to hearing from you! Simply schedule a call, and we‘ll take it from there.

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