Project consulting

Over the last few years, we helped dozens of projects succeed, selling out NFT projects, raising millions for tokenized ventures, and advising traditional businesses entering Web3. Whether you’re aiming to secure initial funding, expand your user base, or fine-tune your tokenomics, we will work together to take your Web3 venture to the next level.

Building Momentum

Our consulting engagements are designed to help you navigate the Web3 landscape, make informed decisions, and create strategies that move the needle for your project.

  • Getting started: if you are just getting started in Web3 or unsure how to turn your vision into a working project, we will point you in the right direction! We help you cut through the noise, assess your project and develop strategies that convert.
  • Cutting-edge insights: the blockchain industry is moving fast, and the strategies that sell out a project today may not work tomorrow. We stay up to date on current developments and leverage our network to understand what is going on below the surface.
  • Ongoing support: we love having skin in the game and seeing our clients succeed. For selected projects, we take on advisory roles, sharing insights, supporting hands-on, and opening doors in the Web3 ecosystem.

Focus Areas

Corporate Strategy

With a background as strategy consultants for industry leaders like Bertelsmann, E.ON or DHL, we understand the dynamics of large-scale organizations. Combined with our entrepreneurial experience in Web3 and other domains, we offer a valuable perspective on achieving your business goals effectively.

Web 3

Our Web3 journey began in early 2020, when we started out by advising and launching NFT projects with our clients. We have since explored various niches within Web3 and shifted our focus on tokenomics – working at the intersection of Business and Web3 technology. Today, our team offers strong
expertise and experience in the domains of tokenization, NFTs, smart-contracts, and DAOs, as well as marketing and broader Web3.

Fundraising and network

While developing a great product should always take center stage, fundraising
often takes precedence in the early stages of a project. We help you navigate the fragmented fundraising
landscape and define a fundraising strategy tailored to your project’s needs. Additionally, we can leverage
a strong network of launchpads, angel investors, VCs, exchanges as well as established project founders.


Whether you are just getting started or need actionable insights for an existing project, we look forward to hearing from you! Simply schedule a call, and we‘ll take it from there.

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