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We are a Berlin based consultancy that helps brand and project teams tap into Web3 opportunities by developing and implementing best-in class projects. Founded and run by a team of former strategy consultants and Web3 enthusiasts, we combine top-tier project management skills with the in-depth expertise required to make your endeavor a success.
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Moritz Schwarzmann

Moritz Heitmeier

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Moritz Schwarzmann


Before founding Web3 Factory, Moritz worked as a strategy consultant for leading media companies like Bertelsmann and RTL Group. Since 2021 he helps clients navigate the world of Web3, splitting his time between creative and entrepreneurial work.

Moritz Heitmeier


Since 2017, Moritz has been exploring different Blockchains as a passionate investor and project developer. Outside of Web3, he gained various experiences as a lecturer, project manager for DPDHL Group and more recently as a management consultant focusing on digital transformation, process optimization and customer experience.


Blockchain Developer

Having created over 100 decentralized applications in the past few years, Roberto is an expert for all things web development, smart contracts, and tokenomics


Marketing & PR

Simon has studied politics and previously worked for Havas, a global communication and marketing powerhouse. Based on his experience he later founded “Der Korrekturfuchs”, a copywriting and marketing agency, and now supports Web3 Factory as Head of Marketing.


Head of Tokenomics

Lukas is a Startup enthusiast with a passion for Web3 technology. He studied International Finance in his hometown Frankfurt and has an extensive knowledge in asset- and risk management, portfolio theory, and investment analysis. Since 2021, he co-founded and exited a consulting- and development firm and has co-founded several DAOs backed by established accelerators like Polygon ventures. At Web3 Factory, Lukas leverages his expertise in tokenomics and governance to help projects design and optimize their token economies and governance models.


ICO strategy

Joshua is at the heart of several successful ICOs, helping clients raise upwards of USD 1 million despite difficult market conditions. While he has a degree in traditional finance, his strategies are based largely on hands-on experience and exchange with project founders. From building a strong community all the way to public listing – he just knows how to make it happen.

Ari Strada

Digital Artist

An artist at heart, Ari created high profile marketing illustrations and digital art for clients around the world before joining Web3 Factory. Throughout the years he developed a unique and compelling art style, yet still reinvents his technique with each new assignment.

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