Our Portfolio

Since 2019, our team has supported over 80 Web3 projects, with an outstanding track record. We don’t see ourselves as regular service providers, but instead craft projects that resonate with your audience and have a real shot at success. That’s how we forge long-lasting relationships and the reason that our clients keep coming back.

ME3.io (DeFi)

Me3 is a Stake to Win Prediction platform where players take social actions to earn game-winning points for their team. Key features are powered by the Me3 utility token, which players can use to stake for their team and earn as the reward for victory.

We developed Me3’s tokenomics with particular focus on incentive mechanisms, and sustainable marketing integration for early user onboarding.


  • $3M + raised in presale rounds
  • $12M + market cap at launch
  • Numerous VCs onboarded

Bitmap Valley (BTC Metaverse)

Bitmap Valley is the first of its kind metaverse built on Bitcoin. Harnessing Bitmap technology and interactive gameplay mechanics, the project provides users with a decentralized virtual universe for exploration, interaction, and creation.

We supported Bitmap Valley as strategic advisors, providing guidance on their token launch, marketing, exchange listing and fundraising. We continue supporting the project as ongoing advisors leading up to their ICO.


  • 30K + organic community fostered
  • 1111 Ordinal NFTs sold out
  • Two VC investments facilitated through our network (Elevate and Ozaru ventures)

$SWORD (Community Token)

$SWORD is a community project and one of the top meme tokens to ever launch on the avalanche blockchain. Based on its initial success, the $SWORD team is leveraging its brand and community to further develop its ecosystem.

We supported $SWORD from day one, supporting with strategy, tokenomics, liquidity management and marketing.


  • $200K + presale raise
  • $15M + market cap within 3 weeks of launch
  • 3 weeks top #10 trending on Coinmarketcap (AVAX)

MOI Protocol (Infrastructure)

MOI is a context-aware P2P protocol and open blockchain network based on ISM (Interaction State Machine replication technology).

We developed their full tokenomics with focus on incentive structures and optimization of agent interactions. Additionally, we conducted scenario analysis + token modeling using Monte Carlo simulations and Machinations.


  • 1000 Active Nodes
  • 3900 total accounts created, growing constantly
  • 13K + organic community members

SpotShot / Bold App (SocialFi)

Spotshot is a media platform that invites users to create and take part in real-world challenges. Brands on the other hand can harness the potential of experiential marketing through creating sponsored challenges. By integrating a native token, SpotShot introduces gamification elements and in-app rewards which can be securely traded on-chain.

We developed SpotShot’s tokenomics, worked as their strategic advisors, and facilitated their fundraising efforts incl. launchpad placement.


  • $3.2m presale raise (ongoing)
  • Incubated by tier1 launchpad LCX
  • 2500+ app users within first week through airdrop campaign


Whether you are just getting started or need actionable insights for an existing project, we look forward to hearing from you! Simply schedule a call, and we‘ll take it from there.

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